EBSU LAWSA Election Gone Bloody As Student Stabbed

EBSU LAWSA Election Gone Bloody As Student Stabbed

EBSU LAWSA election – On the 19th of July 2018, it was brought to our notice that the election of Law Students Association of Ebonyi State University has taken another dimension.

Before then, the LAWSA election was slated to take place on the 20th of July 2018. And the position of the LAWSA president was contested by senator Lucky Nwode and Okoroafor Odii Joy. But to the amazement of the students, it was reported that a so called supporter of Okoroafor Odii Joy by the name Nwuzor Elijah a 200 level law student reportedly stabbed Okpaga Ernest who is supporting Senator Lucky Nwode for reasons unknown but believed to have related to the election.


According to our source, Okoroafor Odii Joy, presidential aspirant from the #FortheJoyOfLawsa camp said that yes Elijah is her supporter but she didn’t ask him to hurt anyone, as a matter of fact she had earlier on she invited the police so as to ensure the safety of the students so how can she turn around and do otherwise.

Furthermore she made a complain that although they saw the supporters of Senator Lucky Nwode tearing her posters but she held her supporters back from retaliating.


As at the time of filing this report our team confirmed that Nwuzor Elijah had already turned himself in to the police.

Also according to another source, the said victim was not stabbed rather he fell into the gutter and hit his head on the edge while struggling and pushing one of the opposing supporter. What ever it is peace should reign

Reports reaching our team has it thar the election has been postponed as the new date would be announced soon.

#fortheloveoflawsa and #forthejoyoflawsa drop your predictions in in the comment box.


Also remember its just an election and not a war front rather let’s allow joy and love to reign in LAWSA.


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